First Time Buyers

Looking for a new home is exciting but it can also be a stressful, anxious time with many people to deal with and an unfamiliar process to be followed.

When it comes to choosing the property itself, you will decide on the age and style of property you want and how easily you could sell if you have to move again.

Core Helpful Hints when buying your property

  • Look at the general appearance, but also look for potential structural problems
  • It’s all about asking the right questions. Don’t feel obliged to commit yourself after the first viewing
  • Any fixtures and fittings included in the price for example appliances, are only real incentives to buy if they are to your taste
  • Always go back and see a property at different times and in the daylight.
  • Have a close look at local area, the street in which the property is located and, if a flat you could chat to neighbors/residents.
  • Once you’re ready and have found your home you need both legal and financial advice to get the purchase underway.
  • Using an independent financial adviser is recommended as there’s a wide range of mortgages available and it is all too easy to make the wrong decisions, which may cost you in the long term. An independent financial adviser will find the right mortgage product best suited to your individual circumstances.

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